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E-mail English course

E-mail English course
August 10- October 14. During the course we wrote to Russian students in Barnaul, Russia and Spanish-speaking students in Barcelona, Catalonia/Spain. Here's some feedback from the students!

We had Email english for 2 months, and i really loved it. This course was helpful for me to learn more English. The teacher was also so good at teaching, and he was so kind and friendly. We wrote emails to people from Russia and Spain, well, with Spain we didn’t have a real connection, because of the actual situation there. But I got to know a girl from Russia, Nancy. We became email-friends, she is nice! I also know her Instagram, and she knows mine. So when this curse will end we are going to keep in touch on Instagram. She likes some of my favorite singers and I’m happy that we have something in common! She told me about her city and her language…This course was so nice!! I was always looking forward for these lessons, also because I have one close friend here. We talked about almost everything with Nancy: of our school, our lessons, our friends, are homes and things like that. I hope that next year, when I’m on grade nine, we can choose this curse again! I’m coming! This was one of my favorite subjects! Thanks teacher.

Email English

Email English lessons are on Tuesdays and Fridays. The purpose of the course was to write emails to Russia and Spain. I write eight letters to Barnaul. I also sent only one letter to Spain because the situation of Catalonia is not that good. Also their school just started 14.9.2017. The girl name was Dasha who send me letters from Barnaul. We write about our dreams, hobbies and diary. I learned about Barnaul a lot and thanks for the Dasha. I am a little disappointed that I didn't get any letter from Spain. I think Email English course was really useful for me.

Email English became quickly my favorite subjects/course. I started the course with only one of my friends but later on our other friend joined this course as well. I chose this course because I truly love English as a language. Even though I obviously speak Finnish on a daily bases, if you have a conversation with me you will notice my love for English straight away! I constantly use English phrases and words to describe things. Not using any English while talking would definitely be a challenge for me! I loved the fact in this course I could wright letters to actual people, completely in English while having fun with two of my friends! Our teacher is really nice and not strict at all. I got to know a girl called Katarina, from Russia. From the first letter that I got from her I could tell she is a nice girl. She seemed super smart and kind. We exchanged questions and opinions and now we talk to each other in Instagram direct messages. In the letters and especially while talking on our free time I found out that her school is a lot different than mine. Around the time my school ends, her school day starts! They don’t have lunch so she packs her own lunch with her to school. I’m really upset that I didn’t have much time to get to know my other letter friend from Spain. She seemed like such a sweet girl! I hate the fact that this course ends because every single lesson has been so chill! Special thanks for it goes to our teache, thanks for the lovely course!

E-mail English lessons were always on Tueasday and Friday. We wrote letters to Russia and Spain. In the first letter I introduced myself. Writing letters was easy and nice. I got answers from a girl from Russia The girl was nice and the letters were nice. The girl was from Barnaul. She told a lot about himself and his school. She also told little about what to live in Russia. She reported in his letter that his school starts at two and ends at seven o`clock in the evening. I did not learn much about anything new about Russia. I sent five letters to Russia and one letter Spain.

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